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What makes Assured Help Senior Care®

the best choice for your loved ones?

Concerned, experienced and attentive caregivers

                 Companions are matched by personality and need

                       Offers companion care, assistance with personal care,

                           housekeeping, and individualized services

                       Flexible schedules from 4 hours to 24 hours assistance

                   Regular care plan reviews and updates as needed

Locally owned and operated-—not a national chain

Initial assessment is always Free

Assured Help Senior Care is the foremost provider of live-in care in the Oklahoma City area. While there are a number of reasons for our success, it starts with one simple practice—whenever possible we avoid the "revolving doors" shifts of multiple caregivers for clients.  Our owner, Ms. Petra Burdine, personally chooses two caregivers who are assigned rotating days.  Besides achieving a strong bond with you or your loved one, this consistency in caregivers allows us to notice potential problems earlier.

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